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February 23rd, 2010

01:02 pm - Stupid birds - it's still winter
Woken up this morning by hundreds of grackles outside my window. Seems that enough snow has melted so that they can see the ground and this is exciting. Seriously, they were as loud as pre-schoolers on crack. And then they would get scared every time a mountain of snow fell off the roofs.

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February 22nd, 2010

05:25 pm - Fun Links
For Big Bang Theory fans and/or nerds

For Everyone!

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March 31st, 2009

05:50 pm
Stayed home from school today... stupid migraine... and it's STILL HERE
They usually go away in a couple of hours - grrrrr

D&D Home Page - What Class Are You? - Build A Character - D&D Compendium

Sounds good, but can I be blue?
Current Mood: aggravatedheadachy

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January 27th, 2009

07:22 pm
So, in the past 2 years I've made 4 posts.
Go me.


I still exist.
I don't really feel like playing catch-up with an entry, but if you ask me questions I will answer. (probably)

'course I should probably get off the computer now 'cause it's aggravating my migraine :(
Nanywho, hello out there in LJ-land
Current Mood: crankyheadachy

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July 10th, 2007

02:28 pm - Hello, World!
Sometimes I wish my eyes could speak. I think that'd be a lot easier than my mouth, 'cause then I wouldnt have to form words - just emotions. Emotions dont lie. Words can be sticky and misleading and imprecise. Thoughts are pure. I dont use your timescale. I count by thoughts.

Hie!!!! Did you miss me? I dont know where I went, but it was lonely. I think I was trying to not rely on LJ for interpersonal interactions, but that only worked so well, as a lot happens over the intarwebs. I am such a people person. Will you be my friend? Let's do things together.
Current Location: Stamp
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful

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May 22nd, 2007

03:39 pm - What better way to come back to LJ
Than with a meme.

One. Word. You. Can. Only. Type. One. Word. No. Explaining.Collapse )
Current Location: Our Study

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February 9th, 2007

04:01 pm - Because I don't want to talk about it.
Read spiralsteve's entry.
Add "at a downwards angle of 45 degrees" to the second sentence.
Imagine lots of fear and anxiety.
Then ask me why we just bought a car.
I didn't freak out about entering it today.
Yay me.
Current Mood: worriedreliving the memory

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January 29th, 2007

12:43 pm - Not an update
memeryCollapse )

Still more reading to catch up.

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January 2nd, 2007

05:15 pm - New Year
So, despite having No Clue how things would turn out when I got to Carlos' (or left, but that's another story), I had a rollicking good time. Wheee!

I resolve: to not make new year's resolutions, only Zuul goals.

  • get a hair cut
  • pick a major
  • learn to dance
  • cross stitch, dammit
  • come to some sorta conclusion about Religion
  • turn 25
    Current Mood: hornymeep
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    December 31st, 2006

    02:39 pm - PSA
    Hey all,

    So I'm back in town from a week in Fla. Going out to play on the beach after Christmas Dinner was definitely a strange experience...

    I'm a bad car-caretaker. I let my oil levels get too low and ruin the engine. Now I am sans automobile. This makes for getting around much harder.

    hint: If anyone wants to give me a ride to Carlos' tonight taht would be awesomes.....

    Other than that, things are good.
    Steve & I have tix for Hunt weekend, but as of yet dunno if we're getting a hotel room or what.
    I got an A+ in CS (a 96 is an A+ ??) and a "low A" in the Pysch class (this is w/me laming out on some of the final)
    Fully moved into my new place. Still never see the housemates.
    Got some cool things/clothes/games for Christmas. Have other things to distribute in the new year.

    That's all.


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